Gamification at workplace: Everything HR needs to know
08Oct, 2020

Gamification At Workplace: Everything HR Needs To Know

Gamification at Workplace: Everything HR Needs to Know Elements of gamification have found places in our personal lives through different ways. One of the most common examples is the customer loyalty industry where customers can earn digital points and rewards once they achieve the set criterion. This is very common in the aviation and retail industry where flyers earn Continue reading…

Managers guide to employee engagement
28Aug, 2020

Managers Guide To Employee Engagement

Managers Guide to Employee Engagement The manager-employee relationship is the essential ingredient in the cultural landscape of any organization. It is the driver of employee engagement and has a direct correlation with employees’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their workplace. It also affects their subsequent decision of whether to stay in their current jobs or quit the job. As Continue reading…

09Jan, 2020

How Technology will help improve organizational efficiency in 2020 

How Technology will help improve organizational efficiency in 2020    As we enter the new decade – 2020 it’s no surprise that technology will continue to transform the future of work. The rapid adoption of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) coupled with trusted data ecosystems, empowered interconnected teams and Continue reading…