12Jun, 2020


3 PART STRATEGY FOR BETTER WORK ETHICS “I’m tired.” “It’s too late.” “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Are common excuses almost every employee has resorted to at some point in order to avoid work. It’s natural to feel unmotivated sometimes and inevitably dish out such excuses to put work off. But it’s important to understand that one […]

15May, 2020

5 Practical Ways to Promote Work-Life Balance and Avoid Burnout 

5 Practical Ways to Promote Work-Life Balance and Avoid Burnout   More than ever before, many companies are asking their employees to work from home to remain safe and unaffected. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to capture headlines in the news and spread rapidly, employees are struggling with finding a sense of calm and stability throughout […]

31Jan, 2020

Should you micromanage millennials?

We have all heard the term micromanagement quite frequently. Many agree that it is about controlling or rather over- controlling and over managing people and processes to the smallest of details. Some say it is about compelling people to do what they are told to do. While different definitions may exist, what hits closest to […]

04Dec, 2019

Engaging Millennials at work- What makes them tick 

Engaging Millennials At Work- What Makes Them Tick  Change is the only constant – We live in a world where the social contract between employer and employee has broken down. Careers are no longer created within one company, but across several organizations, hierarchies have been replaced by networks, products have been replaced by solutions, and […]

30Sep, 2019

5 Ways to Fix a Toxic Workplace​

5 Ways to Fix a Toxic Workplace​   Generally, your office tends to become your second home; you spend more time at work with your co-workers than with family. Therefore it is crucial to have a good work environment. While stress is normal in most workplaces, excessive stress levels can make your workplace toxic and […]