Digital rewards guide for HR
26Nov, 2021

Digital rewards guide for HR

Digital Rewards Guide for HR  With an increasing number of companies allowing their employees to work from home during Covid-19 lockdowns, shifting to digital platforms was inevitable. There was not much option left for the HR managers across organizations of all scales other than digitalizing their reward systems. But digital rewards are not a phenomenon that occurred during the pandemic, and many Continue reading…

MOOD-O-METER- The missing piece in Employee Satisfaction
13Aug, 2020

MOOD-O-METER-The Missing Piece in Employee Satisfaction

MOOD-O-METER- The Missing Piece in Employee Satisfaction Do companies with happier workforce outperform their peers financially? They absolutely do! And employee satisfaction is the secret sauce!      It’s almost too easy to imagine an army of satisfied and motivated employees posting stellar financial returns inside almost any company today. It is just as easy to imagine the opposite: Continue reading…