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What We Offer

Buzzz offers an outstanding Reward and Recognition platform that empowers leaders and employees to build a culture that drives exceptional performance. Employee engagement matters and empowers businesses to steer meaningful changes in employee experience and core business metrics. Know more →


Make engagement fun & impactful throughout the employee lifecycle


Gamified experiences to help your employees do great things


Inspiring instant rewards that help build morale and motivation​

How It Works

We deploy programs across industries to better engage their workforce, motivate them to do great things and provide an easy and cost-effective way to reward performance.

  • Our platform offers highly flexible technology & architecture which integrates seamlessly with existing work tools.
  • It is quick to set up and our modern and intuitive user interface enables easy adoption with users.
  • We abide by the highest security standard and our data centres are hosted with the most trusted providers.
  • Our platforms offer best in class support to ensure each recognition program is successful. Know more →

Drive Results That Matter

Employee Engagement and recognition positively impact key business metrics, thereby enabling them to outperform and achieve business success.

Increased Engagement

Lower Employee Absenteeism

Improved Productivity

Lower Employee Turnover

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