MOOD-O-METER- The missing piece in Employee Satisfaction
13Aug, 2020

MOOD-O-METER-The Missing Piece in Employee Satisfaction

MOOD-O-METER- The Missing Piece in Employee Satisfaction Do companies with happier workforce outperform their peers financially? They absolutely do! And employee satisfaction is the secret sauce!      It’s almost too easy to imagine an army of satisfied and motivated employees posting stellar financial returns inside almost any company today. It is just as easy to imagine the opposite: Continue reading…

18Dec, 2019


Tips On How HR Can Help Improve Employee Engagement Low employee engagement remains a persistent problem for organisations of all sizes around the world since 2017, a global Gallup study found that just 15% of adults in full-time employment are ‘engaged’ at work – defined by the research company as being “highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work Continue reading…

The Silent Potential Performer
14Oct, 2019

The Silent Potential Performer

The Silent Potential Performer  Recent surveys have shown that over 30 % of employees in both manufacturing and service sectors experience the lack of opportunities to utilize their skills. And they have been trying their damndest to get themselves heard. Nothing can erode a sense of empowerment more than your opinions being ignored. The silent existence of skillful and Continue reading…