What We Offer

    Instant Recognition

  • Real-time peer-to-peer recognition on a social wall.
  • Earn badges, spot rewards and certificates as visible indicators of successful milestones achieved or accomplishment of goals.
  • Make recognition fun and convenient with audio and video Buzzz.
  • Reinforce desired behaviours and alignment to organisational objectives.
Instant Recognition with Buzzz
Interactive Community board with the latest internal and external news and event updates


  • Make your employees feel special by celebrating all events and milestones.
  • Upload, organize and share pictures with colleagues.
  • Organizational discussion boards that encourage information and knowledge sharing.
  • Interactive Community board with the latest internal and external news and event updates.

    Instant Rewards

  • Extensive Reward catalogue with options for merchandise, gift vouchers, donations to charities, prepaid cards and other digital rewards from leading brands.
  • Global reward offering, available in over 50 countries worldwide.
  • Rewards include specially curated experiences creating unforgettable memories.
  • Customizable reward system to support different workflows and budget controls for each reward.
Instant Rewards
Gamification at workplace - Buzzz


  • Leaderboards to foster healthy competition by ranking employees according to their relative success.
  • Contest automation for individuals and teams with modules for public voting, flexible entry submission & judging.
  • Flexible configuration of campaigns, target-based and time-bound events/campaigns to drive engagement.
  • AI-enabled Mood-o-Meter to gauge the mood for self / team / workforce and nudge responsive action.

   Dashboard and Insights

  • Graphical Dashboards with real-time data updates to keep you on top of all program metrics anytime, anywhere. 
  • Multi-level reports to manage and govern programs and insights to view the impact on your company’s culture. 
  • AI-driven tools to measure engagement and happiness score and create interventions to take corrective action. 
  • Comprehensive reporting suite for creation, allocation, redemption and expiry of points, budget and rewards.  
Buzzz Dashboard and Insights