Managers guide to employee engagement
28Aug, 2020

Managers Guide To Employee Engagement

Managers Guide to Employee Engagement The manager-employee relationship is the essential ingredient in the cultural landscape of any organization. It is the driver of employee engagement and has a direct correlation with employees’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their workplace. It also affects their subsequent decision of whether to stay in their current jobs or quit the job. As […]

12Mar, 2020

10 Ways To Reward Your Employees Without Breaking the bank

10 Ways To Reward Your Employees Without Breaking the bank Your employees spend most of their productive hours in the office and work really hard. Needless to say, the hard work demands certain expectations. Employees are expectant of rewards usually in the form of promotions or appraisals for the hard work and dedicated work hours […]

27Nov, 2019

3 Unique Ways To Reward Your Employees

3 UNIQUE WAYS TO REWARD YOUR EMPLOYEES   How many of you remember being rewarded for good behaviour in school? Certainly most of you. Many of you will also recollect how your parents always told you to get good grades if you want that toy you love so much.The point we are trying to make is that since childhood our […]