25Oct, 2019

Are You An Effective Leader?

Are You An Effective Leader? Being a team leader can be quite challenging, especially when you want to be effective, there are several times when you have to shuffle between being an assertive taskmaster and maintaining a congenial rapport with your team members. That being said one vital function that you perform as a team […]

15Oct, 2019

Ongoing Feedback – Key To Successful Performance Management

Ongoing Feedback – Key To Successful Performance Management The word “Performance” means a lot in the organizational sector. Organizations need to perform well in order to continue to sustain and secure their positions in competitive business landscapes. Therefore for any organization to perform well, the contribution from each of its employees should be optimal. Simply […]

The Silent Potential Performer
14Oct, 2019

The Silent Potential Performer

The Silent Potential Performer  Recent surveys have shown that over 30 % of employees in both manufacturing and service sectors experience the lack of opportunities to utilize their skills. And they have been trying their damndest to get themselves heard. Nothing can erode a sense of empowerment more than your opinions being ignored. The silent existence of skillful and […]