What is motivation at work place?

Research states, only 10% of people look forward to going to work every day. This is extremely depressing, so then what is motivation at work? Why does motivation always rise on a Saturday or a Sunday? They say nothing is interesting if you are not really interested but what if there is a way to make things better so that the interest rises on its own. Let us see what you can do as an employer today to ensure that your employees are just as motivated to see your business succeed as you are.

1. Quirk up your office

Good vibes really set the mood flowing and often good vibes come through a creative ambiance. Decorate your office with colors, enticing visuals, mood boards, etc. Your vision for the organization is captured through your interiors. Your decor speaks volumes about your beliefs and that truly motivates people as it starts becoming their vision too. Something like a positive message put up as a sticky note on their desks could totally spice up their day.

2. Gamify your workplace

Research states 90% of employees today find a fun work environment extremely motivating. When work turns into a game, it comes in the form of a challenge along with a specific target and that really pushes people to give in their best as they are well aware of the rewards to come. Rewards can be anything from badges and trophies to free lunches and even cash bonuses. Just think about what your employees would like most and implement a system that will have them go for it. This will ensure motivation at work..

3. Enhance your trust in them

If your employees know that you trust them 100% and that you don’t know where you would be without them, they will step up and do what needs to be done with rarely a complaint at all. You ensure that you trust them by giving them more freedom to work in the way they like, be it work along with music or even movies, whatever works best for them and by giving them the power to make important decisions, this makes them feel like a prime part of the organization.

4. Treat each and every employee as an individual

This does not imply just knowing them by their names but by building a relationship with them, communicating with them on a regular basis, knowing their likes & dislikes and their goals in life. A true leader would not only push its team forward professionally but on a personal level too. Your concerns for their personal growth would really matter to them, resulting in them catering to the overall organizational needs.

5. Recognition

A small word that works wonders when done correctly. 83% of employees today state that recognition for contribution is more fulfilling than any of the rewards or gifts distributed. People can be acknowledged and appreciated for their efforts in various ways, some of them being social recognition platforms wherein the entire organization can receive the news of someone’s marvelous efforts at one go. Whatever the method may be, timely recognition is extremely crucial else it goes in vain.


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