Tips on how HR can help promote Employee Engagement.

Employee Engagement is a mindset that needs to be creatively presented forward and taken into consideration by each and every organization. When we are in college we dream of the perfect job, the right career, lavish lifestyle and the perfect partner. Very soon we navigate ourselves towards accomplishing our dreams. We pass several interview rounds until we find ourselves at that dream desk. But soon days pass by and something seems to have changed. The former motivation seems to be running low and we start looking around for help. How we feel about our work is very important as energy is contagious, either we affect people or we infect people.This is the moment when employee engagement activities come into the picture.

Before we look into the effective techniques for employee engagement programs its crucial to understand why it is required in the first place. Employee engagement helps improve company performance over significant key areas like profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation, health and safety, sickness and absence, turnover and well being. One must understand that to achieve the above its crucial to have the employee engagement programs in alignment with the business strategy.

Tips on how HR can help to promote Employee Engagement

1) Rewards and Recognition

HR is the key to creating a culture wherein employees are given recognition for the efforts they put in. Having an awards night or simply acknowledging an employee’s extra mile effort over a social recognition forum would definitely work. It will boost the morale of the employee and push him/her to work harder.

2) Target Challenges

Any sort of work turns into fun when there is a challenge involved. Competitions can be held along with prizes in order to boost work enthusiasm. We all have that little child in us that wants that golden star on completing the task first before anyone else does. This incentive would not only add enthusiasm but also push the team forward.

3) Internal Magazine

HR can develop a small internal magazine that could be online or printed. They can include fun columns, puzzles, news, articles. The magazine could also feature an employee’s picture on the cover page as the employee of the month. This would interest employees and help them find a new reason to work better.

4) TED Talks

The HR can come up with a Ted talk Culture wherein the employees can internally share experiences and stories. It can be a huge benefit for not only the new employees to know everyone but also allow the older ones to feel important enough to share their bit of advice.

5) Mystery Box

HR managers can create a mystery box and give out white papers to all the employees asking them to fill out ideas they would feel the company could do much better with and drop in their answer into the mystery box without their name on it. This way the management would get a better perspective on their employees. Also, the employees could express freely without any fear of judgment.

It’s time one must move from theory to practice and commit to taking action without waiting for engagement to happen on itself. Employee Engagement requires a long term vision and an overall effort if it is to improve productivity and retention rates. Every HR needs to identify what their company needs and accordingly implement the necessary measures that shall lead to the overall success of the company.

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