How can an Employee Engagement Platform help HR’s ?


89% of bosses think the root cause of employees quitting their jobs is due to monetary issues but, studies show 79% of employees leaving due to disengagement at workplaces

One of the major issues faced by HR managers today is retaining talent. With multiple workplace options, employees are jumping jobs now more than ever, disrupting the smooth operations in organizations. 89% of bosses think the root cause of employees quitting their jobs is due to monetary issues but, studies show 79% of employees leaving due to disengagement at workplaces. When we talk of engagement, we must understand that it is a mindset, that aids in connecting people at work while improving their productivity. Recent technological advancement and automation has brought engagement to another level by making it more personalized and visceral. While engagement can easily be brought upon within the company it is important to involve an external engagement platform that aids HR managers in getting a deeper perspective on diverse factors. 

HR managers today have several responsibilities, from recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers to fulfilling the administrative functions of an organization. With so many key factors to look after, engagement often takes a backseat and is catered to only when attrition levels are very high. The preceding HRM software often is unequipped in identifying the root cause of disengagement that altogether causes attrition in the very first place. This pattern brings in the need for a smarter engagement platform that not only provides in depth analysis but provides creative measures as well. 

Let us look at a few benefits below that an employee engagement platform brings to the table while reducing the burden of the managers

Higher the Retention, lower the turnoverOne of the biggest task of an engagement platform is to help retain employees. When employees are noticed, appreciated and recognized, there develops a need where employees willingly want to stay and make a difference, reducing turnover rates, the overall expense of the company and saving the HR’s time in the onboarding procedure. 

Higher Productivity – Engagement platforms constantly bring dynamic changes in order to engage employees. Today with the help of AI, employees have a fair chance at working faster along with remaining steady and articulate. Engagement platforms ensure the team stays motivated through rewards, healthy competition and brings in the right transformation needed to satisfy their customers.

Higher Employee Satisfaction – Engagement platforms understand that millennials today want to be recognized and appreciated, they want feedback and attention and when they receive that, they willingly desire to go an extra mile and strive for excellence without being told or inspired to do so. 

Shorter the Process, lesser the stress Engagement today, with smart recruiting techniques like Cloud storage for database or Hackathons reduce the workload of the HR managers while making the entire process more systematic and organized. With the help of gamification techniques and digital recognition platforms, engagement has gone far and beyond, ensuring the work stays challenging, interesting and balanced all the same. 

Smart Work, Not Hard Work – Today millennials are entering the workforce and they feel at home when they are on the internet, with the help of AI, smart automation techniques and digital rewards the work is done on mere fingertips, while receiving rewards and appreciation for the same, this helps employees stay engaged at work and with the world outside, reducing stress, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.

In Depth Analytics – With the help of automation tools, engagement platforms today have the capacity to identify unhappy employees, helping the HR and the management in understanding the root cause of disengagement and providing pivotal measures in eradicating the same.

Employees today across the world think that businesses “have no ambition beyond wanting to make money.” Engagement Platforms today are striving hard in changing this age old perception and making work much more smarter, along with real-time guidance while providing an overall enriching employee experience. HR mangers and engagement platforms must join hands and together make a difference in improvising life at work, understanding employee mindset and promoting wellness.


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