Why care about employee satisfaction?

Creating a caring environment in a company is a prerequisite for retention. Let’s try and understand employee satisfaction by listing down the daily routine of an average employee. This is an approximate figure of the number of hours a person spends doing different things in a day.

10 hours- work
1 hour- travel to work
4 hours- family-time/entertainment
9 hours- Rest/sleep

From this, we can recognize that an employee spends most of his time at his workplace. He gets very little time with his family and he usually goes home just to dine and sleep. Most employees go to work out of compulsion than motivation. After a dull and boring day at work, they can’t wait to get back home.


The Challenge

Toxic work culture affects the performance and efficiency of employees. This will cost companies more than employees. Gallup describes 85% of the global employees as  “emotionally disconnected from their workplaces.”

Disengaged employees are basically deaf, dumb or blind.

The disconnection can turn some employees deaf to your insights or instructions.
-Certain employees turn blind and intentionally overlook the company’s mission and any suggestions or errors.
-Few employees act dumb and don’t care to speak or improvise at work.


The Solution- How to get your employees to listen, see and speak to you

In order to take your company to greater heights, an employee’s experience at work needs to be redefined. This does not mean higher pay or a better workspace. It simply means to appreciate, recognize and reward your employees. Regular feedback and motivation can highly improve efficiency.

Another method for employee satisfaction could be using a social recognition platform to appreciate and reward your employees. This will definitely boost their morale and make them want to go the extra mile for the company.


Get your employees to listen to you by listening to them

An employee should feel that his inputs are valuable. His ideas need to be appreciated and considered for implementation. This makes him feel like a very important part of the organization.

Opinions on important matters can be obtained by taking relevant surveys. Employee satisfaction surveys can serve as a useful insight to hear out all your employees and make necessary changes to make them feel happy and satisfied at work.


Make your employees see and align with the company’s mission

Sometimes an employee who has stayed with the company for the longest time does not even know the organizational values. Even if they know the values they completely overlook it and regard it as insignificant. It is very important for an employee to be aligned with the company’s vision.

Employees need to see the company as their own. This will drive them to make it achieve their goals. Regularly appreciating and rewarding employees for their work can make this possible. Employees will work with motivation and focus.


Give a Voice to your employees

Your employees often don’t speak or even respond to you because important matters are reserved for managers and owners. This should not be the case if you want to engage your employees as employee satisfaction is ultimately going to take your company to the zenith of success.

The final decision should be taken by the top management by taking the opinions of all employees should be taken into consideration. Not making them a part of important decisions makes them feel that the company is not open to their inputs.

If the employees feel like the company is their own only then will they be highly committed to their work? Their opinions should be acknowledged.

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